How Solar Power Works

Some of your frequently asked questions with regards to your system

All of our inverters come with wifi monitoring capabilities where you can keep a track of the system on a daily basis.

Your one point of contact for any queries will be Energy Control, ensuring quick response and best advise.

All the panels installed by Energy Control are backed by 25 years power output guarantee, ensuring that the panel will deliver a minimum of 90% output performance up to 10 years, and a minimum of 80% output performance up to 25 years.

It does not, here’s how it all works:

– New PV electricity system is installed in the customer’s home by our CEC accredited install team.

– Installers leave a copy of the installation report in the switch board and contact an Energy Safe inspector to come and check the install. This is prescribed as installing a new PV system which is considered electrical install as it generates power.

– The Inspector signs of on the Certificate of Electrical Safety and sends it out to the installer, who inturn sends it out to us with the Electrical Works Request and distributor Specific Embedded Generator Form. We then send all the required documents to your Retailer informing them that a Solar system has been installed.

– Your Energy Retailer then arranges the install or reconfiguration of the Smart Meter with the respective distributor. i.e Citipower, Powercorr, Jemena, SP Ausnet.

– Prices vary from distributor to distributor and its best to contact them to understand the charges for meter reconfiguration, meter replacement or a Truck Appointment if required.

Most of Energy Control’s PV systems are expected to last anywhere between 25 to 40 years. Most manufacturers assure that in 25 years, the panel will be still be delivering a min of 80% electricity output efficiency. Most inverter manufacturers offer up to a 5 year warranty. Energy Control is one of the few providers that offers warranty on cabling & workmanship for a period of 5 years.

The target date of installation is between 3 to 8 weeks from the sign-up date.

Energy Control’s team handles all the paperwork and RECs making the buying experience easy and prompt for the customer.

Yes, our designers are accredited by Clean Energy Council.

Solar PV system designers accredited by Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC, formerly BCSE) design all our systems. Accreditation is for the design and installation, both grid connected and standalone systems.

Selecting the right system for your house is very important as it depends on various factors such as electricity usage, type of feed-in tariff available in your state, available roof space, among others. Hence, a healthy discussion with our solar consultant is advised, as they guide you through all the stages of selecting the best suitable system for your house.


“Very Proactive Customer service has impressed me by Energy Control such a complicated process was handled with so ease , pre-approvals, installation , customer support , grid connect process , was well informed and well executed.”

Shauna Crouch

“Hi, please pass on to your higher management that the team did a top job for us and was impressed to see that all the rubbish was clean from the premises and the job was nothing else but a clean setup, they were very helpful in regards to the system operations and maintenance and questions asked by us, I would certainly rate them 10/10.”

Matt Renshaw

“Just to express our appreciation to the team at Energy Control for the great job done of 4.5 kw at our Residence and 13.5 kw at our business, The whole team is a bunch of professionals and I can write lots of things but I believe the following would says it all “Your team has exceeded all our expectations including your customer support and installations” Please pass our sincere thanks to installer Brad and his team, they were very efficient and the way it was conducted as well in a friendly manner.”

Joel Hill