Produce Your Own Energy - Save The Planet & In The Process Save Money On Your Power Bills!


Renewable Source

Enjoy the limitless power of solar technology at home. We are experts in creating energy efficient solutions.

Low Maintenance

Save 50-90% of electricity bills on an ongoing basis.* (dependant on houses to houses)

Easy Installation

Installing a solar system ensures you are buying a lot less from the grid by reducing the impact of the rising cost of electricity.


Approach to solar !

Pay $0 upfront- get the right solar system installed to meet your current and ongoing needs and use the savings you make on your electricity bills to pay off your solar system


“Very Proactive Customer service has impressed me by Energy Control such a complicated process was handled with so ease , pre-approvals, installation , customer support , grid connect process , was well informed and well executed.”

Shauna Crouch

“Hi Robyn, please pass on to your higher management that the boys at Hampson electrical did a top job for us and was impressed to see that all the rubbish was clean from the premises and the job was nothing else but a clean setup, they were very helpful in regards to the system operations and maintenance and questions asked by usl, I would certainly rate them 10/10.”

Matt Renshaw

“Just to express our appreciation to the team at Energy Control for the great job done of 4.5 kw at our Residence and 13.5 kw at our business, The whole team is a bunch of professionals and I can write lots of things but I believe the following would says it all “Your team has exceeded all our expectations including your customer support and installations” Please pass our sincere thanks to installer Brad and his team, they were very efficient and the way it was conducted as well in a friendly manner.”

Joel Hill

Take Control of your Electricity Costs

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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