Are your solar panels working properly?

Being up on your roof,  we don’t generally know whether are they sitting there doing its thing or  just looking pretty! Its recommended to  have your panels serviced every year to ensure they are kept honest and are toiling away saving you what they really should.

Why Solar Maintenance

  • Dirt, Bird Droppings, Leaves, General Dust, Pollution over a period of time accumulates on your solar panels causing the efficiency to drop significantly.
  • Unsafe wiring – either from a poor installation or from something that occurred- needs to be checked and ensure it never becomes a hazard.
  • Panels do occasionally break over a period of time and  unless you get up there and check them there are chances you probably won’t know about it.
  • Solar inverter fault – not working or showing warning lights
  • Cables attached from the panels to the inverter and the inverter to the meter loosen up over a period of time. This causes efficiency loss and not everything you are generating ends up getting used or fed back into the grid.
  • Generally poor performance due to one or a combination of the above mentioned reasons.

What do we do

  • Check condition and connections of each panel
  • Clean your panels ensuring all the mould settled on your panels is removed.
  • Ensure your inverter is working efficiently.
  • Mechanical check of frame and mounts
  • Checking AC and DC isolators for water ingress and loose connections
  • Following the service you will receive a detailed maintenance and performance report

How do we do it

  • We only use accredited Solar installers to come out and clean and do a maintenance check on your panels.
  • We maximise their time by giving them maximum jobs in the one area – whereby your cost reduces and you are able to ensure your investment is working for you.