Commercial Led

Energy Control are authorised under the VEET – Government Energy Efficiency
Schemes in VIC, and specialise in energy saving solutions for Commercial use.

Offering an extensive range of LED lighting for your business, that deliver substantial cost savings, as well
as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Make the change to the latest technology in lighting and save up to 80%, contact us today for a Free Lighting Assessment .

For several years LED lights have been used extensively for accent lighting and decorative lighting, however LED lighting now offers an extensive range of products for commercial environments. Impressive long life technology makes LED lighting a long-term solution for businesses. While lasting significantly longer than fluorescent products, LED lighting offers tremendous energy and maintenance savings that far outweigh the upfront costs associated with making the change.

For this reason LED lighting is becoming widely adopted in retail,office, hospitality and roadway environments, with indoor and outdoor lighting applications.


Commercial Lighting and How it Works…..

There are various types of commercial environments, we will meet with you and tailor a solution specific to your business. We have quality partners from around the globe, offering an endless variety of LED downlights, high bays, tubes, canopy, floodlights and outdoor lighting.


What switching to LED does for your Business

Bringing energy efficient LED technology to a wider range of applications;

  • Energy savings up to 80%
  • Discount on products and installation with government rebates
  • Reduce your maintenance and replacement costs
  • Choose from an extensive variety of products from leading manufacturers
  • Fully installed by a qualified electrician
  • Certificate of electrical installation


What this means for you

Save money: LED’s use up to 80% less energy than halogen lighting, saving you thousands of dollars every year on your power bill,
Energy efficiency: Reduce your carbon emissions by up to 1.25 tonnes every year contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment
Long life: Replacement time for LED lighting ranges from 30,000 – 50,000 hours depending on your business usage.

Saving hundreds of dollars through reduced maintenance costs.

Safety: LED lighting generates far less heat, reducing the chance of fire and heat related problems

Why Wait Call Now !!!!

Take advantage of the Government rebates on LED lights today Energy Control is authorised under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme , and is committed to saving you money on your energy costs , as well as reducing green house gas emissions.

Our program enables us to replace your old energy consuming lighting with new energy efficient LED lighting , fully installed by a qualified electrician.


How the programme works


  • Free business lighting assessment
  • Fully installed by qualified electrician
  • Certificate of Electrical Safety
  • Design that meets all Australian standards
  • Accredited VEET scheme participant